And why I am your new secret weapon

An award winning software developer and creative technologist with a strong inder-disciplinary background. Technology changes fast, and I it's over 15 years I keep surfing the bleeding edge of digital in advertising, media and marketing. I'm concentrating my efforts into designing and writing awesome software, but my experience spans across software, television, design and experimental art.

I am a quick and avid learner. My curiosity and my multidisciplinary approach always brings fresh ideas to the table, and I can play a key role connecting creatives with technologists to make ideas reality. I strive for the wow factor and I get very excited when I can challenge any "this can't be done".

I’ve created digital engagement tools and won numerous awards for events from Dublin to Qatar, Manchester to Mumbai. For brands and rights holders as diverse as Barclays, Vodafone, EDF Energy, the NFL and Tesco.

Whatever the mission of your company, you can benefit from my problem solving skills and my mission critical approach to work.


"attention to detail" - really you want to read that again?

  • Plug & play consultant: swift to to integrate with your workflow and understand your methods
  • Seven years in experiential marketing
  • Multi disciplinary / artistic background
  • Bridges the gap between technical and creative
  • Guarantees excellence in high pressure situations
  • Confident in interviewing / recruiting people and finding talented collaborators
  • Designs and delivers mission critical / fail safe solutions
  • Thinks outside the box and brings fresh ideas
  • Makes technology simple for the consumer
  • And it's fun to work with me!


fantasy, intuition, boldness and execution speed

Mobile and web developer

Wireframing / UML / software design

Excellent interpersonal skills, can lead a small team of developers / designers

Graphic design background, proficient with the Adobe Suite

Capable spotting talents and potential flaws in collaborators

Skillful in social media integration and social media  amplification. From both technical and strategic perspectives

Proficiency with analytics. Google Analytics - Facebook insights - Custom tailored systems. From both technical and data mining perspectives

Design and build network of computers for live events

Network & Customer data Security: Proficient with vulnerability assessments and familiar with penetration tests

Authentication & Access Control - for both online (booking systems, customer registrations) and live environments (check in / crowd management etc)

E-learning and SCORM compliance

Physical computing. Can interface computers with sensors / lights / motors / relays boards (Arduino, UDOO etc.)

Integration of biometric devices and rfid. For crowd management, user engagement and social media amplification

Integration of sms/mms into digital campaigns

Familiar with email campaign and mass mailing

Deep knowledge of streaming video/audio

A bit more jargon:


    SAAS (firebase, heroku, openshift etc)

    Parse Platform (Nodejs / Express middleware)

    MEAN stack (AngularJS + NodeJs + MongoDB) - just done first project

    HTML5, CSS3 - Adaptive and responsive - bootstrap

    less, sass

    Javascript / Jquery / Various front-end technologies

    Gulp.js, Grunt and node development tools

    HTML5 banners - Google Doubleclick platform

    Ionic Framework / PhoneGap/ Cordova /  hybrid apps

    Adobe air (app, kiosks, touch-points etc)

    LAMP Stack - PHP / MYSQL

    CMS - Wordpress - Concrete5 - Umbraco


    Git and version control

    15 years + actionscript

    Hosting management: Cpanel, WHM, Plesk

    TDD - karma - jasmine (first project)

    Arduino and similar microcontrollers


my work speaks by itself

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